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Our store has all of the supplies you'll need to learn to play or up your game to the next level. From shoes to clothes to gear, Racquet Corner has the equipment you need and the experienced staff to guide you through the options. Stop by today!


Racquet Stringing Service

The right string can make all the difference.

Our goal is to match each player with the right string and tension based on the type of player he or she wants to be. At The Racquet Corner, we can string your racquet with poly, multifilament, synthetic gut and/or natural gut strings. We use Babolat stringing machines, which are calibrated regularly to ensure that your racquet is strung at the exact tension.

We have a 24-hour turnaround on stringing & and a same day stringing (or while you wait) service.

We also string badminton, racquet ball, and squash racquets. Our stringers carry the MRT (Master Racquet Technician) Certificate.

Free Demo Program & Racquet Drop-Off Service

Try before you buy! We have over 105 demos to choose from! Test our racquets to find the perfect fit for your game.

Racquet Drop-Off Service
For your convenience we have a slot located to the right side of the front door which can be used to return racquets or drop off any racquets that may require maintenance when we are closed.

Please remember: if you are dropping off a racquet for stringing please fill out the following information:
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Replace Grip: Yes or No
  • Comments (String, Tension, etc)


Get the right shoe and the right fit from the Racquet Corner. With the largest selection of men's, ladies, and junior shoes in the area, we're sure to have the name brand, style and size you need. Our pro shop specializes in tennis shoes. Many shoes carry a six-month outsole warranty and we can also special order shoes for you.

Stop by and try on a pair!


We carry a wide variety of accessories including grips, socks, wristbands, racquetball gloves and eyewear. We are convinced that we can provide all the equipment you need to boost your game. We have a huge selection of tennis bags to choose from in different styles that hold from 3 to 12 racquets.
Tennis racket on floor


When is it time to restring my racquet?
Because your strings are under constant tension, you should have us check the tension and energy in your strings at least every six months. If you are having problems with control, it is usually because your tension has dropped, and the string bed begins to act like a trampoline. Strings become stiffer with time, and lose their resiliency. A new, lively string bed always feels better, and is easier on your arm. The rule of many tennis experts is that you should restring your racquet as many times in a year as you play in a week.

When does my grip need to be replaced?
A tacky grip is so important for two reasons: Each year we see a number of racquets that broke when they slipped out of one’s hand as you are serving or hitting an overhead. If your grip is not tacky when you hit a shot slightly off the sweet spot, there is a slipping of the racquet in your hand that effects the flight of the ball. You either hit long, or in the net because you were unable to maintain a firm grip on the racquet. Replacing the grip, or using a new over grip will help overcome both of these problems.

When should I replace my present racquet?
As your game improves, you may find it to your advantage to go to a little smaller head size. With improvement in your game, your swing speed improves, and thus you will find better control, and better results with a racquet that is more controllable. Another factor is the age of your racquet. A recent study shows that after 4 to 6 years, your racquet will lose a minimum of 20% of its energy. The composite materials that bind the graphite fibers break down when used a minimum of 2 times per week.

Why use tennis shoes, rather than a running shoe?
A tennis shoe has three basic characteristics that distinguish it from other athletic shoes. 

1. A tennis shoe uses a very tough rubber for the rugged surface of a tennis court. Most of the shoes we carry have a six month warranty on the rubber sole. The shoe companies will replace the shoes if you wear a hole in the sole of the shoes in less than six months. 

2. A good tennis shoe will have a strong heel cup on the back of the shoe. This is most important in tennis because 80% of the motions of tennis are other than forward. The firm heel cup thus helps to prevent ankle sprains. 

3. Because you are playing on a very hard surface, a tennis shoe provides exceptional cushioning on both the heel and the forefoot.

When should I get new tennis clothes?
When your game needs an emotional boost.

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